General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

IPA is an association directed towards the empowerment and promotion of the welfare needs of its members and by extension the Ijaw nation.
Ijaw Professionals Association is duly registered and welcomes all professionals from the Ijaw ethnic nationality. It’s a platform established to create an enabling environment for members to exchange ideas, information and experience. It’s neither partisan nor political.
The Ijaw professional association started out in 2011 and in carrying out the mission and goals of this association, we intend to reach out to as many professionals of the Ijaw ethnic nationality as possible through established chapters that cut across all regions.

Any professional of Ijaw extraction that has completed the Expression of interest form and has paid the subscription for membership/annual dues shall be eligible for full membership.

Any person who conforms to the criteria as indicated above shall be admitted into any of the chapters of the IPA according to the expressed interest or geographical location of the person. The admission shall be carried out by the Chapter executives, particularly the Chapter President or in his/her absence, the Chapter Vice President.

The agreed annual due for Lagos and Abuja chapter is pegged at ₦60,000 for members above 30 years and ₦30,000 for members below 30 years. Dues is payable in two instalments to Ijaw professionals Association (IPA) Access bank account.